Ice Cream Flavours

With all these yummy flavours to choose from, which flavour is your favourite

Very Vanilla (made with Madagascan vanilla)

Strawberries in Clotted Cream

Chocoholic Heaven

Mint Choc Chip

White Chocolate with Honeycomb Crunch

Blackberry Beauty

Toffee Fudge Fiasco

Rum and Raisins

Honey and Stem Ginger

Heavenly Honeycomb

Caribbean Coconut

Cointreau and Orange

Diabetic Vanilla

Cookies and Cream

Raspberry Ripple with Pavlova


Fresh Lemon
Luscious Mango 


All of our scoop ice creams are suitable for vegetarians but obviously due to the dairy content not for vegans, however, there are no dairy ingredients in any of our sorbets, the creamy texture is due to the high fruit puree content. If any flavour you have chosen is out of stock for any reason we will bring the nearest suitable replacement flavours along with us on the day. 

          An allergens list is available. If you have any further enquiries please email us.

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